Attorney General pays us a visit to discuss the Energy Crisis and Renewable Incentives

We recently had the honour of welcoming Suella Braverman, member of parliament (MP) for Fareham since 2015 and the Attorney General for England and Wales, to discuss the ongoing environmental crisis and our work in the field of Green Solutions.
Eco House Solutions promotes a greener way of life with some of the most energy efficient and cost-effective heating solutions. Our range of products are future-proof energy solutions that are tailored to suit our lifestyles.
With the climate crisis worsening with each passing day, Suella’s visit to our office involved discussions about the current energy crisis and its impact on all of us. We had some engaging discussions about our work and how it is impacting the lives of many in a positive manner. As the discussions shed light on the benefits for the masses, it also opened up some new doors that will enable us to widen our horizons. With such strong support from the local officials, we look forward to exploring how we can do even more to provide essential planet-preserving energy solutions.
Receiving a visit from such an important figure is a testament to the work that Eco House Solutions are doing in the field and is not only a morale boost for the team but another incentive for us to put in more and more efforts towards our work in encouraging environment friendly solutions. With renewed zeal we look forward to encouraging more individuals and businesses to adopt eco-friendly solutions as a way of life.
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