The fuel-flexible natural alternative to oil and gas

What is a biomass boiler system?
Biomass systems offer an attractive and proven alternative to gas and oil. They heat the water by burning a variety of wood, in the form of wood pellets, shavings, chips or dust. All of which are so much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than conventional and extremely harmful gas and oil powered boilers. 

Supporting many types of Fuel  
Our wood heating systems support multi renewable and sustainable fuels, including:
• Wood chips
• Wood pellets
• Wood shavings and dust 
• Good quality, untreated mixed wood 

There are so many benefits with biomass. Discover why this planet-friendly energy could be your ideal energy solution:

Environmentally friendly – and carbon neutral 
Biomass is well-established as an environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral energy source. By using Biomass, you can reduce your carbon dioxide output by 9.5 tons every year. What’s more, Biomass is a renewable energy which can be quickly obtained by replacing and growing new plants and trees.    

Sustainable heating
Using a biomass boiler is an efficient and sustainable way to dispose of waste wood – and more eco-friendly - because if you can use your own wood, it’s better than having it delivered.  

Stable Pricing 
Traditional fossil fuels, like oil and gas just keep going up in price. But biomass is far more constant. That’s why having biomass central heating is the perfect alternative to pricey solid fuels. 

Easy to Use
The systems we supply are fully automated and extremely easy to operate. They are equipped with advanced features to ensure safe, efficient operation and clean burning.


Eco House Solutions supply Viessmann wood boilers ideal for home use or in a wide range of large commercial premises, such as:
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Leisure Centres
• Stations
• Stadiums
• Office buildings

Please note, they can be installed to cover the entire heating demand or designed to cover the base load only, working with gas and oil to handle peaks in demand.
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