Using free and abundant natural resources around your property, our incredibly versatile MCS certified heating and cooling solutions are carefully tailored to your building and use requirements whether you need to heat office spaces or a stadium.

We carefully consider your space, energy usage and efficiency to ensure your heating solution provides the correct temperature output ensuring a comfortable ambience all year round.

Our pumps generate heat during the colder months and cool air during the summer months. Eco House Solutions offer cost-effective, space-saving and significantly energy efficient systems that can either be retrofitted alongside any suitable existing installations or as a brand-new standalone solution.

A range of fully scalable ground and air source pump heating solutions are available, and our biomass boilers are designed to be used in almost any building or apartment with dry storage space for fuel.

We can also help you reduce your carbon footprint further by supporting your heat pump installation with solar PV ensuring the lowest operating costs.

We are proud members of RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) and are committed to the high standards they set out.

The heat generated by our systems uses clean natural resources. This prevents common problems such as corrosion, sludge residue and trapped air and consequently they require minimal maintenance. This ensures an efficiency and longevity that traditional boilers cannot sustain.

With a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional heating and the potential to save money on annual heating bills, our outstanding ground and air source heating and cooling solutions are an excellent and responsible choice.

In addition to commercial and corporate heating solutions, the versatility of our systems easily manages the heating requirements of leisure facilities including pools and spas.


Your property is surrounded by renewable energy sources in the ground and the air.

A ground source heat pump harnesses heat energy from the ground (and ground water where available), passes it through a heat exchanger and uses this to heat your property and hot water.

Using clean natural resources to heat your space automatically lowers consumption of fossil fuels. To reduce your carbon footprint even further, you may even choose to run the pump using renewable energy through solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower, or simply making the conscious effort to buy green energy.

With combined cooling features available, we can also help keep your space comfortable during the summer months providing year-round comfort.

These solutions are fully scalable making them suitable for office spaces, business and retail parks, and hotels and leisure centres.

In addition to significant energy savings, a variety of finance options are available, and you may also qualify for the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.

The high performance and reliability of these heat pump solutions is making them an ever-more attractive and cost-effective option for corporate spaces of all sizes looking to cut costs and carbon with responsible choices.


An air-source pump uses surrounding air and passes it through a heat exchanger within the heat pump.

By cooling and compressing the resulting steam until it reaches the correct temperature for heating and hot water, our Veissmann pumps cleanly and efficiently generate heat even at outside temperatures of -15.

During the summer the pump runs in reverse, providing cool air and an ambient environment that traditional boilers alone cannot achieve.

Utilising weather compensating controls (like a thermostat) the pump detects changes in the air temperature and switches between heating and hot water as required. Our pumps are also self- regulating – using only the minimum power required to keep the indoor temperature ‘just-right’ and giving you peace of mind over energy usage.

Air source pumps don’t require ground energy to generate heat, so they can be easier to install and can also be a great space saver - especially if situated outside of the building.

They are low-noise, low-maintenance, and low-carbon.

We carefully customise the installation to your space and requirements ensuring the switch to a clean energy solution is both convenient and cost-saving.
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